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The Queen's Balmoral Castle Pyramids

Hidden Cairngorms
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The Balmoral Pyramid, known as Prince Albert’s Cairn: Surrounded by majestic countryside, Ballater is a beautiful Victorian village in the heart of Royal Deeside within the Cairngorms National Park. Located 8 miles along the River Dee to the west, its rich culture, history, and royal connections are world famous, drawing tourists and guests alike to Aberdeenshire.


Whilst exploring the endless beauty of Aberdeenshire’s rural countryside, we’d recommend you add finding the Balmoral Cairns Pyramid to your adventure bucket list. Everything you need to know about the history, location, and directions to find the Balmoral Cairns Pyramid can be found..


The Pyramid of Monclova, Coahuila

*article translated from original Spanish

By Raymond Corona


In Monclova, Coahuila there is a pyramid of approximately 8 meters of Altitude that was built in 2009 and continues to contract. The person who built the pyramid is an engineer of a well-known company in Coahuila called AHMSA that is where Steel is made and sold to other countries. The engineer is a 54-year-old man and very intelligent person but the reason he built the pyramid has no explaination.


One night the Engineer went to his ranch that is located in a place called Pozuelos de Abajo and in that place more ranches are located. When he went to his ranch at 3:00 am  he saw a glow at the top of a hill and the engineer went up the hill and saw a man coming down from the hill. The engineer described the person and said that he was a thin and very tall person, about 2 meters tall, who had long hair, a beard and was wearing a tunic, that this person told him that he had to build a pyramid. He told him all the specifications as he wanted him to build the pyramid and the pyramid consists of that it would be a portal for when the "extraterrestrials", according to the engineer, returned again to have a portal to return. It would be linked to the stars it would be like a coordinate to find the place faster. Then the extraterrestrial disapeared and the engineer began building the pyramid alone. 


He spent about 3yrs builiding without any type of technology everything had to be by hand so that the pyramid could have its own energy and that energy would be that of the engineer. According to this, the tourists who visit the pyramid go and leave liters of water inside the pyramid so that the pyramid transmit the energy to the water bottles. 


Today the pyramid is more modified. Inside, there is a star and at each tip of the star it has  kind of small houses where some species of stones are burned for when it is a ritual.  I am not aware that Allan has done a ritual, I imagine that if they do a ritual it would be on an important date. 


Where the pyramid is located at night you don't see anything. It is completely dark and you can see the impressive stars. On the land, from the bottom, on the ranch you can't find common stones they are stones that have holes everywhere they look like meteorite stones but I have not thoroughly researched on those stones. 


That pyramid is surprising, the story behind it and that a single person can build a pyramid without the help of anyone and tools. Nowadays, the pyramid is already known throughout Coahuila and very few know its history, but what the engineer said when describing the extraterrestrial because his physical traits are like ours, are those advanced beings us in the future? Or are they our creators? We will never know until they come back to this land through the pyramid.
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